Native American Navajo Ring



Ring Size 8

This exquisite antique piece of Native American Navajo jewelry has amazing history dating back to the 1880s through the 1900s. Around 1865, Atsidi Sani created the first Navajo jewelry. The turquoise is a precipitant, or a rock formed when water passes over mineral-rich soil and concentrates. Turquoise gets its blue hue from copper. Turquoise comes in a broad spectrum of colors, from light blue to dark blue, with a chocolate-colored chert matrix that truly brings it to life. “African Turquoise” is actually a type of jasper that has black and brown matrix and veining resembling that of true turquoise. It is treated with blue and green dyes to make it resemble the colors of natural turquoise.

The orange-colored stones are spiny oyster, not surprisingly, is an oyster that is covered with spines. Like coral or mother-of-pearl, the shell of spiny oyster is considered an organic gemstone.

Navajo jewelry is noted for its dramatic designs and silver inlaid with prominent, brilliant gemstones. Navajo jewelry is still created by Navajo artisans today.

Although Navajo jewelry can be more expensive than other Native American jewelry, the mix of fine silver and jewels and excellent craftsmanship make good quality Navajo jewelry an immediate treasure.


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